I featured in Stormzy's Big For Your Boots video. Don't know what else to say really, I could retire at this point.
 TimeOut put me in their list of influential teens and ones to watch! The issue went into print also which was very exciting. I have like 200 so if you'd like about 199 copies give me a shout X
 Can you tell if I'm a fan of the Conservatives or not 
 Wow also very pro-women pro-girl pro-let'scelebratewomenboysaresmelly. 
 Julie and I organise dinners to celebrate and uplift women. My desire to make my impact in the creative industry grew stronger after I met Julz. She is cool very smart, much wavy. 
 My mates are all on their job, their either creative or creative. Here I am with my friends aka the founders of GUAP Magazine. Jide should be in this picture but he isn't very sad. O wait I think he took the picture. 
 Much hip hop head very collect. These are the type of sounds that inspire me to create. 
 I was on the panel for Meet The New Creatives for D&AD! I spoke about the lack of diversity in creative spaces. I'm very vocal about dem tings don't tell me to shut up.
 Jamz Supernova interviewed me on 1XTRA as part of the DIY Generation segment. Nearly had a breakdown cos my phone went off. 
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